Ilka Janke

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April 2019

Bologna 2019

Visiting the Bologna Children´s Bookfair was quite diffrent this year. Of course, as the year before, there was again so much beautiful artwork to discover.

But this year I was also able to visit the fair as a member of a small delegation of twelve bavarian illustrators, selected and supported by `Bayern International´ and `Kompetenzteam Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft´.

Meeting so many incredibly friendly and supportive people and making new personal contacts. This was so much more than what I had expected. And on top, as part of the illustrators group, we were also represented with our work on the bavarian stand. What a perfect fair visit.

Besides the fair I followed the `BOOM´ Guide. Throughout the city there were again small exhibitions of various artists everywhere. My highlight this year was a small exhibition of works by the illustrator Anna Paolini in the wonderful bookstore Mirabilia, which is already worth a visit because of their historic rooms with the little gallery.

And in the end, of course, a break in the warm sun on Piazza Maggiore was also a must. Bologna, what a wonderful place for a children's book fair.

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